A World Cup Series for both men and women has been organized since 1990. Each year between 4 and 6 World Cup competitions are organized. At the end of these competitions, there is a World Cup Final for which the best 32 athletes participate. The athletes qualify for the Final via a league table (World Cup Standings) constructed from their three best World Cup Competitions. Throughout the series prize money is available.

Modern Pentathlon World Cup SeriesIn 2012 there are 4 World Cup competitions followed by the World Cup Final:

World Cup #1: Charlotte, USA 8-11 March 2012

World Cup #2: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 15-18 March 2012

World Cup #3: Budapest, Hungary 12-15 April 2012

World Cup #4: Rostov, Russia 19-22 April 2012

World Cup Final: Chengdu, China 26-27 May 2012