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Fencing is a series of one-touch bouts with epée swords. The fencing event of modern pentathlon is a round-robin tournament, with a single touch deciding each match. The fencing event is held in an indoor arena on special strips (pistes) measuring 14m long and between 1.5m and 2m wide. Each competitor has a bout against every other competitor. Bouts last for one minute, the winner being the first fencer to score a hit. If neither scores a hit within one minute, both competitors register a defeat, a double hit, doesn’t count. Point penalties are awarded for a variety of infringements including hitting the epee on anything other than the opponent to register to a hit, crossing the boundary line with both feet or to avoid a hit, dangerous play and when a fencer turns their back on the opponent. Seventy percent bouts won correspond to 1000 pentathlon points.

Each win is called a victory and each loss a defeat. Each victory over or under the 70% mark is worth a specific point value and this number is in accordance with the number of competitors:
From 23 to 24 Competitors the value of each victory is +/- 40 pints
From 25 to 27 Competitors the value of each victory is +/- 36 points
From 28 to 30 Competitors the value of each victory is +/- 32 points
From 31 to 34 Competitors the value of each victory is +/- 28 points
From 35 to 40 Competitors the value of each victory is +/- 24 points
Example: 36 competitions (the number of athletes in a final) mean 35 bouts, 70% of 35 bouts = 25 victories = 1000 points; 23 victories are therefore worth 952 Pentathlon points.

About Charlotte Fencing Center
At the Charlotte Fencing Center, we are committed to teaching the art and science of fencing. We understand that people are drawn to fencing for a variety of reasons. Some are drawn to the sport because of their interest in swords and swordplay. Others are looking for a fun way to get a workout. And there are some who enjoy the sport and seek to improve their skills through competition. We seek to help and advance all types of students. Our coaching staff keeps fencing fun but also has the experience and training to help those advanced fencers excel to their full potential.

The Charlotte Fencing Center has dedicated it’s expertise, resources, as well as, manpower to make the Fencing Discipline successful. Thank you to David Burns and his Charlotte Fencing Team for being a part of this World Cup!

Charlotte Fencing Center

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