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Pentathletes usually have a swimming background, which is considered to be the only pentathlon discipline that cannot be taught at a higher level at an older age. For this reason, good swimming standards are considered to be a “precondition” for participation in Modern Pentathlon. The swimming event is a freestyle race over 200m for men and women with athletes seeded in heats according to their personal best time. A time of 2:30 earns 1000 Pentathlon points. Every 0.33 seconds is worth +/- 4 points and thus the value of each swimming second is worth 12 points. Example: the time 2:32.66 minutes corresponds to 968 points. Forty point penalties are incurred for a false start, failing to touch the wall at the end of a lap or leaving the pool in an incorrect manner as stipulated in the rules.

SwimMAC – Proud Supporter of the Swimming Discipline for Modern Pentathlon World Cup #1

About SwimMAC
Originally founded in 1977 as the Mecklenburg Aquatic Club (MAC), our competitive team boasts a highly trained and professional coaching staff led by our Coaching Director and CEO, David Marsh. SwimMAC Carolina is a USA Swimming Gold Medal Club, one of a handful of swim clubs in the United States who have earned this distinction for displaying excellence in their competitive program. SwimMAC Carolina was also recognized in 2008 by USA Swimming with a level 4 designation, the highest level available, in their Club Recognition program. This program was designed “…to recognize clubs that demonstrate commitment to long term club development, stability and success.” SwimMAC Carolina is also proud that we are USA Swimming’s first “Center of Excellence” in the United States.

SwimMAC Carolina is a USA Swimming competitive swim club located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thank you to Vicky Montgomery and Danen Murray for your expertise, resources and manpower to make the Swimming Discipline successful.

Swim MAC Carolina

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